Saturday, August 27, 2011


She's tearing through the North Carolina coastline. We are in central North Carolina and fine. My son and his wife are closer to the coast and have lost power, and getting the rains and wind. But they are okay. We have their cat and his in-laws the dog.
Our daughter is in Philly, also in Irene's pathway.

I'm chatting on the loop at LASR between 3 -4 Eastern time. If you're in the vicinity, please stop by and say, hey.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

My daughter is in the path too, in D.C. right now. Be safe, Sandra.

anny cook said...

Goodness gracious...this storm is just on a rampage. Glad to hear you're safe and sound!

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks,Julia, I trust your daughter will stay safe. I'll be thinking of her.

Thanks, Anny. Rampage is a good descriptive word for it.

rm2h said...

I hope all will be well for all of your family.

Sandra Cox said...

Thank you, I trust they will be. So far, so good.