Friday, August 12, 2011


A friend and I have a long standing lunch date on Fridays. We also having a standing joke. Several months ago my friend, we'll call her Stella, didn't want to walk to the restaurant but wanted to be driven. I called her Princess....After that whoever drove was the chauffeur and whoever was picked up was the princess. Silly stuff but fun. Last night I stopped by the dollar store and found a toy tiara. Yup, you guessed it. When my friend came to to pick me up I was wearing my tiara:) Luckily, no one I work with was around to witness my silliness.

Now if I can just find a chauffeur's cap.......


  1. Cute! And how fun that you all have a standing lunch date!

  2. I think every woman should have her own tiara!

  3. Amarinda, Isn't that the truth.

    Julia, Yeah, we've had a standing lunch date for years.

    Shelley, and may it be worth more than a dollar:)