Saturday, August 20, 2011

Promos. What Works Best?

It's no surprise to anyone that stops by that with the recent release of Vampire Bay promos are on my mind.
I'd like to chat today about ways writers can promote their releases.
Blog Tours
Blog tours are always fun and a way to see old friends and meet new people. There are several promotional sites out there you can sign up with. For example: Coffee Beans and Love Scenes and Goddess Fish Tours. Or if your promo budget is tight or nonexistent, you can manage your own. Ask friends or other authors who write in a similar genre. Or readers blogs. Most folks are happy to help you out.
Cover pics
are a good way to let readers know you've got a new book out there.
There are all sorts of online promotional sites that have a range of charges: Author Island, Night Owl Reviews, Coffee Time, LASR and Romance Studio.
And my personal fav...
I like contests. I think they're a lot of fun. Who doesn't like getting a free prize? And along the contest line, something I've only recently discovered is posting your contest in promo sites newsletters. Its a great way to get the word out. In the past, I've gone to the yahoo groups to let readers know about contests, and I'm sure I'll continue to in the future. But the newsletters seem to reach a wider audience--or maybe just more targeted--and you don't get lost in the promo blurbs. Fees vary from free to four or five to fifteen dollars. So far this month, this contest has been featured in Coffee Time and Night Owl. By the way where did you hear or see this contest advertised?
Other forms of advertising
Chats, your own blog and website, release parties, Facebook and Twitter.

Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, reviews. I guess I'll save that topic for another day.
As a writer, what promotions work best for you? As a reader, which promotions pique your interest?

Blogs of interest:
Amarinda Jone's
Anny Cook's
Julia Barrett's
Shelley Munro's
addie's at right


Unknown said...

I don't know the answer..but G'day...

Mary Preston said...

The 'VAMPIRE BAY contest' drew me over. Promotions such as the opportunity to win books are always appreciated.


mj said...

Contests have been the best way for me find out about new author and books. if I like will usually buy the series or another book by the same author. please enter my basenji
marajbrandon at earthlink net

Sandra Cox said...
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Sandra Cox said...

And a good day to you, Ms. Amarinda.

Mara and Marybelle, thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. You're entered:)

Denise Z said...

"Vampire Bay contest" I have to admit that I am a total junkie when it comes to all things books, writing, and blogs that are book related. I love to read and for so long because of economics I have haunted the Amazon top 100 lists to find new reads at an affordable price. After finding the book blogging world I am in nirvana. I have found more authors and books that are new to me through these avenues than I have in my entire life of haunting book stores and my library. I love a promo tour, I love to read author interviews that tell me a little bit about the person sharing their talent with their work, and I absolutely love the opportunity to win a good read without having to jump through too many hoops (that just makes me tired and bored with the book by the end) I also participate in Goodreads and love the recommendations. I will probably sit up and take notice more readily if there is a fun giveaway of a new title, but I will also take the time to read the reviews and interviews as often as I am able. Best promos in my book - a good book giveaway opportunity. I am very interested in reading Vampire Bay it has caught my attention and I will be lurking :)


Sandra Cox said...

Hey, Denise, Welcome and thanks for the input. Please lurk to your hearts content:)