Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Laurie Larsen

With us today is Laurie Larsen. Welcome Laurie. Tell us about your current project.

I’d be glad to Sandra! First, let me thank you for having me visit here today and tell you how excited I am that you invited me!

My latest book is Inner Diva, a contemporary romance featuring quiet, reserved Monica, a theater manager who dreams of being in the spotlight, and Carlos, a handsome Hispanic man who’s trying to put his priorities in order after a past containing violence and lost love. Carlos’ little sister Luisa brings the two of them together when Monica becomes her mentor through the Big Sisters organization, much to Carlos’ disapproval. No one in their right mind would put these two “opposites” together, but love doesn’t always strike when it makes sense. As their love grows, only they can help each other realize their dreams.

It’s an e-book available for download to your Kindle, Nook, IPod, IPad, or any cell phone. Here’s a short excerpt:

The door of her limousine slid open, and she stuck out a high-heeled foot, pausing to soak in the expectant silence of her onlookers. With a satisfied grin, she turned in her seat, gripped the hand reaching out to her and left the automobile, standing on the red carpet that covered the sidewalk. Her silk Versace gown hugged her slim form and floated like a dream as she strolled, gracing the crowd with her best Mona Lisa smile. Her escort and most perfect accessory slid out of the limo behind her and followed, dressed in his black tuxedo and crisp white shirt, holding her arm protectively.

“Watch out! Down below, watch out!”

Monica looked up and bolted, barely escaping the onslaught of a huge stage light on its cable wire just inches away. Steve Phillips, the stage guy on a twenty-foot high backstage platform about two feet square, and one of her best buds, hoisted the cable on its pulley, halting the light before it collided with the stage. “Got it under control!” he said with the slightest trace of panic in his voice. Monica suspected he was trying to convince himself as much as everyone else. “Wouldn’t have let it hit anyone. Or anything.”

Monica grinned at him. She’d worked with Steve on several productions, and he was a fun-loving guy who made her laugh. He drew his hand over his brow with an exaggerated “Whew” gesture and tugged the light back up where it belonged. She really needed to keep her mind on her work and her imagination under wraps tonight.

What are your thoughts on e – pubs versus traditional?

Well, I know for sure that electronic book readers are becoming much more prevalent than they were in the past. I have had six books published, and all my previous books were available in trade paperback and e-book. The vast majority of my sales were always the paperback version, with only a small percentage going “e.” So making the decision to publish Inner Diva to e-book only, was an experiment for me. Would my readers even be able to read it? I know many people have moved to Kindle or Nook over the last few years and love it!

About a month ago I was the guest author at a book club who had picked my book Preacher Man (1/2009) as their July selection. After we discussed Preacher Man, I talked about Inner Diva. I told them it was only offered as an e-book and several were disappointed. But guess what – about seven of them whipped out their e-book readers and ordered it on the spot! So I think books that are offered in both formats are probably in the best position to hit the most readers, but definitely e-books have reached their time! They’re demanding respect, and getting it.

What is your favorite genre to write in?

Wow, this is a great question because as a writer I’m so eclectic. Or suffer from ADD, I’m not sure which! Of my six published books, 2 have been contemporary romances, two have been women’s fiction, one was a Young Adult romance and one was an inspirational romance! See what I mean? I can’t just stick with one genre. Of my two completed but unpublished manuscripts, add one contemporary romance and one women’s fiction. The manuscript I’m currently working on though – add one more different sub-genre – it’s a Christian women’s fiction. I like the variety. When I write, it’s the idea that gets me started, and then I “genre-ize” it later. If it’s not the same genre I’ve written in before, I don’t worry too much about it.

What is your favorite genre to read?

Of course I love romance. I adore authors like Nora Roberts, Suzanne Brockman, Debbie Macomber and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I also love military fiction. WEB Griffin is my favorite author for this genre. But my absolute favorite author, who makes my heart sing every time, regardless of what he writes, is Pat Conroy. He writes broad, sweeping southern epic novels, usually involving a good deal of family dysfunction and heartache. Don’t ask me why that uplifts me but he does it to me every time!

What tips would you give someone trying to break into the writing industry?

Work hard. Read a lot. Write even more. Write every day, or at least consistently throughout the week to gain momentum. When you finish something, start something new. Don’t be a one-book wonder. Be open to feedback, and the possibility that your work could be improved with revisions. When your work is ready, submit it. Mourn your first rejection, but don’t let it stop you. Keep going, over and over. You WILL experience rejection in this business. Don’t expect everything to be fair. Nothing will be easy. You’ll experience your highest highs and your lowest lows. Keep writing. And don’t forget to celebrate what you love, which is the writing.

What books of yours are currently for sale and where can a reader buy them?

I’ll link you to the various pages of my website that describes each of my 6 books, the plot, a behind-the-scenes author’s note, and purchase links. Sound good?

Inner Diva: http://www.authorlaurielarsen.com/InnerDiva.htm

The Chronicles of Casey V: http://www.authorlaurielarsen.com/CaseyV.htm

Preacher Man (my 2010 EPIC Award winner!): http://www.authorlaurielarsen.com/preacherman.htm

Legacy of Lies: http://www.authorlaurielarsen.com/legacy.htm

Momentary Lapse: http://www.authorlaurielarsen.com/momentarylapse.htm

Whispers of the Heart: http://www.authorlaurielarsen.com/whispersoftheheart.htm

Sandra, thanks so much! It was a pleasure visiting with you.

The pleasure was all mine, Laurie. Come back anytime.


Visit Laurie online at www.authorlaurielarsen.com

2010 EPIC Award Winner!!


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Wow, what a great book list! As an ADD-ish author with eclectic tastes, I understand!

Laurie Larsen said...

Thanks so much for welcoming me Sandra! And thanks Julia for the comment! Have a great evening, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Way to take that leap of faith and take "Inner Diva" straight to e-print! We're all so proud of you as we cheer you on from the sidelines! (I really LOVE the cover, by the way. Best I've seen in a long time!)

Laurie Larsen said...

Oh Mary! Thanks so much for saying that. I'm in love with the cover too! I think it's so expressive about the story and Carlos looks so sexy! :) Thanks for your cheering.