Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and Muay Thai

Hope everyone had a great Easter and that the Easter Bunny was good to you.
Yes, he did find his way to our house and left the the much anticipated Fannie Mae.

Speaking of kickboxing class will be testing at the end of the month for armbands in Muay Thai. This particular martial art form uses arm bands instead of belts.
To give you a bit of background: Muay Thai was developed in Thailand as a means of protecting the country against invaders. The warriors of Thailand used the weapons they had: their hands, feet, elbows and knees. For training, they practiced their kicks on banana trees and punched coconuts. Ouch!
There are seven basic punches, three basic kicks, five basic elbows, two knees and the blocks.
Muay Thai is now recognized worldwide.


  1. I think what you're doing is so cool! You are a warrior woman, Sandra! Happy Fannie Mae!

  2. I don't believe I'll pick a fight a fight with you. You would Muay Thai my arse off.

  3. I've got a feeling you could hold your own, Ms. Amarinda.