Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Really Is Here

I love spring, especially in the South. The colors are so intense its almost surreal, like an eternal moment before twilight. Winter is pretty when the snow falls but for the most part Mother Earth's colors are brown and gray. I'm just not a brown and gray fan...unless, of course, they're mixed with pastels and jewel tones.

We spent the weekend with the birthday boy. He and his wife are about four hours away, closer to the ocean. Their countryside is different from ours, lots of dense pine. But even if his location had been in the Sierra Desert or Nome Alaska there would have been no place I'd have rather spent the weekend.
Just got an Easter card from sister with two Almond Joy eggs in it. I believe they may be a tad bit thinner than when they left the St.Louis post office:)


  1. Oooh, gorgeous flowers!! We kind of have a late spring, if any spring at all.

  2. Bummer.I take it you're North?