Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Swore I'd Never Get Falsies

Okay, I broke my word. I swore I'd never get falsies, but three of my nails were broken so they glued on false tips. Ever had them? On the very tip of the nails, they glue on extenders that are a mile long. I'm not kidding a mile, okay maybe a couple of inches but they seem like a mile. Then they trim them down to the length you want them. Walla, no more stubs.
You can probably tell my life isn't filled with glamor, glitter and travel to exotic ports of call by the amount of blog time I spend on my nails.
What about you? What breaks up the mundane in your corner of the world?
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  1. My nails are awful. I work outdoors too much and it tears them up. Hmmmm. I'll have to do something.

  2. I've gotten hooked on getting mine done. I've got stubs when I don't, with or without the outdoor work:(