Monday, August 22, 2011

Blogging Etiquette

We all love followers. As bloggers, it just makes our day when someone adds their name to our list. I'm pretty certain the sun even shines a little brighter in response.
Now here's my etiquette question/dilemma. When I get a new follower, I check to see if they have a blog and if they do I follow. Sometimes, I mention it in the comment section. What I don't do, is send a message. And that's my blogging etiquette question for the day.
If you're a blogger, do you send a message whenever you get a new follow?
If you're a follower, do you want a message of acknowledgement sent to you?

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Julia Rachel Barrett said...

This is a good question. I always check to see if a new follower has a blog. Sometimes I follow, sometimes I just say thanks. Depending upon the situation sometimes I don't respond at all.

Unknown said...

I don't follow someone just because they follow me. I have to like what they're doing. It's not tit for tat. As for responding - no, unless that person, after 'following' me, sends me a personal email.Followers to my mind are the equivalent of 'liking'or 'friending'on facebook.

But the bottom line - do what you believe is right for you and stuff everyone else.

Hywela Lyn said...

I like to follow someone if they're following me - usually they're writers and we have something in common. If it's someone who doesn't have a blog I will send a short message to say 'thank you'. It's not always easy to find a contact link though, some people don't put up any contact details at all. Fair enough if they're just a reader I guess, but if it's an author, you really need to have a way for your readers to contact you. I never give out my personal address but have the one linked to my domain name - forwarded to my email account. That way you can maintian privacy and help avoid getting spammed.

As Amarinda says, really it's up to you. I like to respond like with like but I don't always notice that I have a new follower.

Sandra Cox said...

Hey, Lynn, I've been thinking about you. Hope everything's great on your side of the pond.