Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hot Pink Toenails

Have you noticed how many toenails are painted hot pink this year? The three women in the office, including myself, all had some shade of hot pink polish on the other day.
When I went to get my toenails painted in June I asked for glittering red.
Oh my, I didn't realize, I'd committed such a faux pas. To quote - 'A slip or blunder in etiquette, manners, or conduct; an embarrassing social blunder or indiscretion.'  As far as the gentleman in the shop was concerned, that was exactly what it was too. That was for the Christmas season, he informed me, taking it from me and dragging out the hot pink polish. Since I had set my mind on dark red, I dug in my heels and went for a purplish/red. This was a little better, he admitted grudgingly and let me use that color. Having had time to process the seasonal color thing, I relented this time and got hot pink.  Actually, I like it, even if my tootsies have lost their identity and joined the 'seasonal toenail polish' masses.


Shelley Munro said...

LOL they're not as pushy down this end of the world.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I don't like hot pink. Too much like bubble gum. I like a mocha or a bronze or maybe a deep red - love crackle on top. Try it!

Sandra Cox said...

Hi Shelley, You get to pick out your own colors? What a novel idea. grin.
Julia,Ooh, I like bronze and mocha too. Though I must admit, hot pink has finally grown on me. We won't mention how many years its taken though:)

Anonymous said...

I am a guy that lives in sandals and gets a pedicure every two weeks. I always wear red on my toes. Red is a signature color for me and I usually wear OPI Big Apple Red or Dutch Tulips. I also noticed the trend of bright pink toes so at my last pedicure I tried OPI Koala Berry. It is a very pretty bright pink. I love the color for a change but will probably go back to my signature red toenails at my next pedicure appointment.


bn100 said...

Didn't notice so many people their toenails painted pink.

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