Monday, August 6, 2012

It's Monday.....

No disrespect to the Greeks, but as far as I'm concerned they really screwed up adding Monday to the days of the week. If I'd been in charge, Tuesday would have followed Sunday. Last week felt like there were five Mondays followed by Saturday and Sunday. Did anybody else have a week like that? Where I work, the faculty--who'd been off for the summer--came back and things were hoppin.
Tonight we start obedience classes for the juvenile delinquent. The hound ate my e-reader! This is why I'm a cat person. Cats might pee on the electronics, but they won't try to eat them.


  1. Puppy school really helped our dog. Touch wood she keeps away from my ereader. She likes socks though.

  2. Socks I can deal with:) She loves to roll in the dirty clothes, especially the hubbies. Glad to hear the school helped. I'll keep you posted.

  3. Ate an e-reader? This is a lab, right?

  4. Coon dog. Chewed on it enough to destroy it.

  5. Is your dog ok?

    VB contest