Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ma'am Versus Ms.

I grew up in the Midwest, where the polite way of addressing an adult female is 'ma'am.' Is there any female out there who likes to be called ma'am? No one I know. So when I moved to the south where most women are addressed as Ms.Insert First Name. I took to it like a misguided homing pigeon. To me its a much warmer form of address than ma'am.  When talking to other women and friends I almost always address them as Ms. Whomever. A couple of weeks ago, I was told by two different women that they hated being addressed as Ms.......fill in the blank. It makes them feel a hundred years old. Really? Ma'am makes me feel a hundred. I wonder if its a regional thing. What polite form of address do you hate?


  1. Since we have the same first name, I will tell you that I personally hate being called 'Sandy'. It makes me feel like I am 2. I am in the midwest and get ma'am quite often - the younger the person who said it, the older I feel. When an older person says it to me, it's not so bad.

    Around here, 'Sir' and 'Ma'am' are meant to be polite, especially when you don't know someone's name, so I am never offended.

    I don't understand why anyone would be offended by being called Ms..... whoever.

  2. Isn't the South sorta like... Miz?
    I don't mind either. Ma'am seems like it should be reserved for my mom...

  3. Hi Sandra, How are you? Thanks for commenting. I echo your sentiments:) All my family refers to me as Sandy.

    Hey Julia, You're probably right about the spelling, I don't really hear the z when folks are talking to me though. Actually the pronunciation I get is Miss, but I always shorten it to Ms.:)

  4. I don't mind any of them.

    VB contest


  5. bn100, That's great. You're ahead of the pack:)

  6. I guess, in OZ, we're not into titles of any form, so it's not really an issue here. But I do enjoy it when a sexy man calls me ma'am.