Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Createspace, Granny, and Sea Turtle Rescue

I've finally gotten around to converting Power Stones to paper. Or I should say, I'm in the process.
The first book I did with Create Space was Vampire Bay. I went with the recommended 6x9. Let me just say its a tad bit over-sized. Power Stones I did  5x8 and I like the size much better.
What do you think of the cover?
The covers are done from templates. You can either go with Amazon's available pictures or use your own. I used my own picture and one of Amazon's cover templates.
If you use Create Space, you know you've got the option to proof online or order a paper copy.  I go the paper route. There's a small (and let me emphasize small)fee. But I think you get a better feel for the book. Anyway, I got my copy and was zipping through, thinking I was ready to roll when it dawned on me, I had no page numbers or headers. Groan.
 I spent an entire day figuring out that little beaut.  Finally, I got headers and footers, though I did have issues.  I wasn't able to put the author name on one page and the title on the other without throwing things out of alignment. Sigh. So I just ended up putting Power Stones by Sandra Cox as my header. After I got that fixed  I ordered it again.
Whew. Its a good thing I did. Because of the page numbers, the wider margin was on the outside instead of the inside so it was hard to read whatever was near the spine. I had to add a page so that the margins would flip back. Currently, I'm in holding pattern, waiting for my proof. Here's hoping  third time's the charm.Has anyone else out there used CreateSpace? What's been your experience?
We got Granny's test results back. Besides being anemic, her liver is starting to shutdown. The anemia is a side effect of the liver problems. She's on medication for the liver issue so hopefully that will help her quality of life. 
Sea Turtle Rescue


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Poor Granny. This happened to one of our kitties.
Formatting for print... hmmm. Interesting.

Sandra Cox said...

Go for it, Ms. Julia......