Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today's Trend in Trilogies

I've always enjoyed trilogies and/or series. I like the continuity of the characters. But today's trends are driving me crazy.
 Since I got the Kindle for Christmas I've been lapping up the freebies like--if you're a cat--milk or--if you prefer adult beverages--champagne. The first one I read was by a well-known author. The first in the series was free, the second was 2.99 and the third was 8.99. I  liked it enough to download the second. I was reading along and it just ended. I kept clicking thinking there was another chapter. Nope. Book over.
I didn't buy the third.
I just finished another that's a first in the series. The last page, same thing, only it ends with a: To Be Continued. Again. What's that about?
When I read, I want all the loose ends tied up at the end of the story. If you want to throw out something to tantalize me to buy the next in the series I'm fine with that, but I want the story I'm reading to have some kind of closure, even if its just that segment of the series.
I got a little of that from Hunger Games but I was well and truly hooked so I kept buying the books. But if I'm not hooked, I'll walk away from it instead of buying the next in the series. It's just a little too blatant for me. I read to escape life's frustrations. Not to be more frustrated when I finish a book.What about you? Have you had more success in the trilogies you've read or have you ran into this also?


CJ Kennedy said...

I've liked Lawhead though the second book of the Hood series was flat and disappointing. About the only series that has held up is Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. The downside to her books is it takes so long for the next book to come out.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I don't mind trilogies but I sort of like my stories wrapped up - so each stands on its own.
I'm not a fan of The Hunger Games trilogy, although I enjoyed the movie. I think I was good until the werewolves showed up. That particular trope was unnecessary - since the rest of the story was so good - ruined the book for me.

Sandra Cox said...

Hi CJ,
Good to know about Outlander.
I like Nora's trilogies. She always wraps up her stories.

Sandra Cox said...

I hear ya, Julia. That werewolf thing was kinda creepy. And then it just disappeared from the story. I was still hooked though.