Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Forgetful Jones and Holiday Recipe #12


Remember Forgetful Jones on Sesame Street? I pulled a Forgetful at work.
Every year at this time, we donate to a charity of choice. We bring in canned goods or other necessary items. Donation boxes are set up in the different buildings culminating at the Christmas luncheon.
On the morning of the luncheon, I went looking for the bin in my building to put my donation in so I wouldn't have to worry about forgetting it. I was told by a friend, they'd already been picked up and taken to the building where the Christmas lunch was being held. She also mentioned she'd forgotten to get anything to donate.
I'd picked up two items so I gave her one to put in the donation box. I set the other on the edge of my desk, so I wouldn't forget to take it to the luncheon.
Of course, when I got to the luncheon, I realized it was still setting on the corner of my desk. While I did a mental groan that I'd forgotten, my main reaction was relief that I'd given one of the items to my friend to donate. At least something I'd picked up would make it to the bin.
When I saw her later that afternoon, I told her how happy I was she'd taken the other item to put in the donation bin because I'd forgotten mine.
She grimaced and said--yup you guessed it--"I forgot it."
Molded Strawberry Gelatin Salad
10 oz frozen strawberries
3 oz package strawberry gelatin

1 c hot water
7/8 c juice or cold water
Let berries partially thaw then drain. Save juice
Dissolve gelatin in hot water
Add juice or cold water, stir, then let it thicken slightly
Add drained strawberries
Pour into mold


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I'm busy forgetting words. Managing to remember events. :)

Sandra Cox said...

Unfortunately, I do that too:(