Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas Oh Oh Oh

Christmas this year started with a bang and ended on the same note.
The 23rd I wrapped gifts, the 24th we put up the tree. My son arrived the 22nd and had no idea where to leave his gifts since there was no tree to put them under.
After posting recipes for a month, I decided to make some of the recipes for brunch Christmas morning. I planned on serving scrambled eggs with cheese, French waffles with peach topping, chocolate iced Cinnabuns and cheesy potato casserole.
Brunch was scheduled for 10:00. At 8:45 I took leisurely stock of my ingredients. It was at this point, I realized I didn't have any celery soup for the casserole. Did I stay calm, cool and collected? Of course, not. I immediately went into panic mode. I raced into the bathroom where my husband was just stepping into the shower and yelled, "You've got to go get some celery soup."
"Can I take my shower first?" he asks. Silly man.
"No!" I yelled even louder, then decided it would be quicker if I went myself, so I jumped in my Pony and like Santa's reindeer flew from closed store to closed store. At last, I found a can at a convenience store, only to discover it was outdated. By now its 9:15. The casserole takes 45 minutes to heat in the oven. I admit defeat and race home. I throw the casserole together, minus the soup. The hubby calls my son and bro and tells them not to come till 10:30. After baking the casserole for 20 minutes I decided to fry it like hash browns. At this point, I'm figuring out brunch isn't going to be a disaster and start relaxing.
The fam arrives, we eat and get down to the business of opening gifts.
Many years ago, my husband started the tradition of making everyone wear elf hats while we open our gifts. My son complains they're starting to smell like mildew. He has a point. I wore mine one year and after seeing what it did to my hair refused to wear it again. So to offset my refusal to wear the Christmas cap, the hubby got me a Christmas necklace that lights up. That I found acceptable.
We had a lovely morning and afternoon. Opened gifts, then played board games.
By late afternoon, I began to notice a twinge in my shoulder blade, but just thought it was my bra rubbing. By bedtime, I had a sinking feeling I was having muscle spasms. By the middle of the night there was no doubt. Have you ever had them? They remind me of water torture and/or child birth contractions, though not as intense. You just tense up waiting for the next one. After eighteen hours of spasms, I had the hubby take me to urgent care, where I got a shot (which didn't do any good) and scripts. I went home, took my meds and fell into a drug induced sleep. I lost two days, but returned to the living, minus spasms, just in time to discover the washing machine stuck on the fill cycle and flooded the basement.
It was a Merry Christmas at the Cox household, Oh Oh Oh.


Unknown said...

You know there's a book in all this

Sandra Cox said...

Yeah, I think its called a horror story. grin.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh Oh Oh is right. Oh my gosh! :)

Sandra Cox said...

Yup, pretty exciting. Went out and bought new undies to hold me till when the washing machine is fixed. I'm determined not to go to the laundry mat.

Molly Daniels said...

At least it was memorable!!

Happy New Year Sandra:)

Sandra Cox said...

And to you, Ms. Molly.