Monday, December 19, 2011

Out of Time

We're headed for Southern Illinois for a few days. Have I cleaned my house? Heck no. Am I writing? Uh, no. Have I wrapped gifts? Nope. Am I Packed? No. Have we put up the tree? No. Though, here I claim extenuating circumstances. I don't want to leave the cats unsupervised with the tree. A friend of mine will come in twice a day to check on them and feed them, but you pet owners out there know the kind of trouble they can get into meantime. So we'll be decorating the tree the 23rd. We have NEVER waited this long to put one up. I am so behind.(wringing hands and moaning). But we'll survive. In the meantime, y'all enjoy the festivities and the season. And for those of you traveling, be safe.
Anybody else in the same leaky boat I am?

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Unknown said...

Nah...I don't do anything for xmas so there's no stress.

Have a safe trip

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh honey, I'm sinking fast! You have a great trip!

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